Deer Lake Mountain Trail

Trail Info

  • Trail Length: 6.6 km loop, with two short lookout trail spurs
  • Trail Type: Loop
  • Difficulty: Difficult - short black diamond sections-steep climbs, unstable footing
  • Elevation Gain: 145 m
  • Features: Thirteen cliff-top lookouts with panoramic views of Nipigon Bay, Nipigon River, Deer Lake, No Good Lake, Lofquist Lake and Black Bay. Old growth cedar forest, beaver dam.

This is a wilderness recreation trail. The wooded trail gradually climbs to the top of a cuesta and circles the perimeter with incredible views in all directions before returning to the trailhead. Trail spurs to cliffs overlooking No Good Lake and Lofquist Lake are optional. A beaver dam must be crossed on the No Good Lake spur trail.

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