Nipigon Historical Museum

Nipigon Historical Museum

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Address: 40 Front Street, Nipigon

Phone: 1-807-887-0356

Admission: by silver collection

Curator: Betty Brill


  • July and August 2023

    Monday to Friday      9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    Saturday                  11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Sunday                     CLOSED

The Nipigon Historical Museum collects, protects, and displays artifacts representing a time period of before European contact to present day.  The Nipigon Historical Museum displays a number of artifacts that will help you to understand the rich history of the Town of Nipigon and its surrounding area.  A number of different displays showcase the history of Nipigon from the time of the fur trade to the development of the forest industry.  Each display offers an impressive amount of information through literature and artifacts such as the tools that were used, the product that was made, or pictures of the people who were there at that time.

Not only is the Nipigon Historical Museum an educational experience, it is a great demonstration of the importance of recording our history and gives the residents of Nipigon an opportunity to understand the heritage and history of their community.

The Nipigon Historical Museum has something for everyone; with a knowledgeable staff to help with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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Quick Facts

  • In 1665 the Nipigon District was leased to the Company of 100 Associates and the Fur Trade began.  Missionaries arrived two years later.
  • The Boreal Forests were being cut in the 1880’s
  • In 1885 the C.P.R. bridge spanned the Nipigon River
  • The first of 3 hydro dams on the Nipigon River went into operation in 1920.  One of the original turbines is on display at the Nipigon Marina Park
  • In 1937 the highway bridge opened the way for East/West and North traffic to begin flowing over the Nipigon River
  • It wasn’t until 1961 that Highway 17 was open to Sault Ste. Marie
Nipigon Narrations: Their Voice in History

A series of videos of seniors sharing their memories and area history. The videos were produced with help from Nipigon Historical Museum, Betty Brill, Thunderstryker Films & New Horizons grant.  Interviews continue to be produced with funding support from the Township of Nipigon.  The interviews are accessible from a Playlist on the Nipigon Township YouTube Channel.

You might also be interested in checking out the other Museum Video Documentaries available on the YouTube Channel.

  • "Destination Nipigon - A documentary on the entire history of Nipigon"
  • "Nipigon Brook Trout - Fish of Legend”
  • "A Journey Down the Nipigon River: Then & Now"
  • "Nipigon of Many Pasts: A Virtual Tour"
  • "Ear of the Wolf"
  • "Museum Tour with Betty Brill, Museum Curator, January 2018"

Explore more of the history of Nipigon through the Nipigon Museum's blog.

Special Thanks

The Nipigon Historical Museum would like to thank the Ministry of Tourism and Culture for their contribution to Nipigon Artifacts on Digital Display project made possible by the Museum Technology Fund.

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