Official Plan

Official Plan

The basic intent of this Official Plan is to guide future development to areas where it is most suited and to protect the environment of the Township in order to preserve, protect and enhance the character and economy of the Township.

The Official Plan is intended to form the foundation for decisions of Council and government agencies. This Official Plan is also intended to provide members of the public with a sense of assurance as to the future development of their lands and the lands around them. The policies of this Official Plan are intended to clearly describe development policies and the plans of the Township and to delineate a future development plan for the Township. In addition, this Plan will guide public works and other capital investments of the Township.

This Official Plan is intended to manage land use change in a manner that has the greatest positive impact on the Township while ensuring the sustainability of the environment and the character of the community. This Official Plan establishes the pattern that development within the Township of Nipigon should follow until 2032. In accordance with the Planning Act, this Plan will be reviewed at least every five years to determine whether the basis has changed and whether the Official Plan continues to manage change and growth in the Township. Where the term ‘development’ is used in this Plan, the policies apply to proposals that requiring planning approval from the Township.

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