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Request an Audience

A Delegation Request Form must be submitted by Thursday prior to the Council meeting. Council will consider your request and grant an audience for a future meeting date.

At the time of your audience with Council delegates are permitted to speak for 20 minutes. Debate is not permitted at this time.

  • No person shall be permitted to address Council on a subject not on the agenda unless by permission of Council.
  • Delegations addressing Council shall be limited to a maximum of 20 minutes. No one group or delegation may appoint more than 2 persons to speak on their behalf.
  • Members of Council only may ask questions of the deputations.

Delegation to Council Request

Fill in the online form below or download the Delegation Request Form and email to

Delegation to Council Request

Council Delegation Date:
In accordance with the Procedure By-law, Requests to Appear as a Delegation before Council must be received by Thursday before the meeting in order that the delegations may be listed on the agenda and the subject of the delegation be identified.
Council Chambers are equipped with a laptop and projector.

If an individual appears as a delegation before Council, a further deputation from the same individual concerning the same topic(s) will not be permitted, unless there is significant new information to be brought forward, subject to approval by the Mayor and Clerk. Specific new information must be identified on this form and / or attached for approval.

All requests must include a copy of the presentation materials. Failure to provide the required information on time will result in a deferral or denial. Delegations are limited to 10 minutes. I have read and understand the information contained on this form, including any attachments, will become public documents and be listed on the Agenda.
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