Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Phone Numbers

Nipigon OPP Detachment Commander 24 hours


Nipigon Volunteer Fire Department 24 hours
Ambulance 24 hours

Do you know what do in a tornado, flood or winter storm? Do you have everything you need during a major emergency?

The Township's Emergency Response Plan outlines the operations and procedures we will follow in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Management Ontario website provides information about emergencies affecting Ontarians, how you can prepare for disasters and offers subscription notifications.

Nipigon Township Emergency Plan Evacuation Procedures

  1. In the event that only a small portion of Nipigon is ordered evacuated, reception centers in the safe areas of the Township will be utilized. In an evacuation whereby the residents of the Township are required to leave Nipigon, the reception municipalities are listed below. Their selection will be dictated by the nature of the emergency and safety of the evacuation routes:
    • Thunder Bay - Primary
    • Schreiber/Terrace Bay - Secondary The evacuation routes are:
    • Hwy 11/17 West to Thunder Bay - Primary
    • Hwy 17 East to Schreiber & Terrace Bay - Alter
  2. On evacuation orders by the Head of Council or the District manager of the Ministry of Natural Resources in the case of a forest fire or flood, the Nipigon Fire Department will sound the alerting sirens to advise residents.
  3. The Clerk/Treasurer or Public Information Officer, if designated by the Head of Council, will use the electronic media to assist in alerting residents, explaining the mode of travel and evacuation route.
  4. The Head of Council, time permitting, will give a brief interview to the electronic media to verify for residents the authenticity of the evacuation order and to provide reassurance to residents.

Evacuation Guide

If the evacuation is anticipated, the public will be warned by the Police.

On hearing a warning, residents are requested to turn on radio’s or TV’s to local stations and listen for announcements and/or instructions.

When an Evacuation is Ordered

Residents who do not have their own transportation will be asked to assemble at the NIPIGON COMMUNITY CENTER.

Residents who are physically unable to move to these locations are requested to phone the broadcasted numbers and place a white cloth into the door of the residence facing the street or road.

Pick-up will be arranged as soon as possible

Residents who have their own transportation are asked to await further instructions.

Residents relying on emergency public transportation and/or public reception centers for accommodation are reminded that pets are not permitted in either of these facilities.

For the safety and comfort of your family and protection of your property, the following is suggested in the case of an evacuation:

  • Secure home;
  • Carry identification ( birth certificate, medical alert, etc.);
  • Carry sufficient money to meet contingencies;
  • Take 1 blanket or sleeping bag per person;
  • Take 1 air mattress per person, if available;
  • Clothes, and change of clothes;
  • Raincoat, windbreaker or parka, season depending;
  • Enough ready-to-eat food to last at least 12 hours;
  • Thermos bottle of hot beverage;
  • Flashlight with spare batteries;
  • Prescription drugs & prescription, if possible;
  • Soap, towel, personal toilet or hygiene articles;
  • Kleenex or similar tissue paper;
  • Book, magazine, game, etc.

Adults with small children should include items of special needs as required:

  • Infant formula in thermos bottle;
  • Disposable diapers;
  • Toys.

Notes: Residents will be asked to register at the Registration Centre(s) in the reception community, so that inquiries by relatives and friends can be answered. An emergency Public Information Service will be established in the reception community. Arrangements will be made with the local stores and gasoline outlets remain open during an evacuation as long as conditions permit.

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