Donation Policy

Donation Policy

  1. The following criteria will be the primary factors considered when Council is reviewing a donation to the public or an organization towards the costs for travel, equipment, event sponsorship or fundraising:
  2. The organization or individual shall be to a local (Nipigon) except in such cases where Nipigon is being represented or promoted as part of the region (Nipigon, Red Rock, Dorion, Lake Helen).
  3. The organization shall be non-profit or an individual requiring assistance to defray costs associated with attending or hosting a function as a representative of Nipigon or region.
  4. The request shall be made in writing to Council stating why funding assistance is necessary, how it will be used, and where appropriate include the organization's mandate. Once completed a financial report should be provided to Council out linin g all funds received and its usage.
  5. Preference will be given to groups, organizations or individuals who are carrying out a function that Council believes will be a benefit to the community as a whole or a significant portion of the population or that brings recognition and pro mot es the community on a Regional/Provincial/National level. Mandates that include initiatives that benefit youth activities and positive contributions to the community including educational benefits will begiven some priority.
  6. These donations request are considered on a per event basis not ongoing annual contributions towards events.
  7. Council will review requests at a regular meeting after submission and reserves the right to approve or not approve any or all such requests while considering that in general approvals are for $50.00 - $200.00 with a maximum total annual budget of $4000.00.

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