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Northwestern Ontario is an absolutely spectacular place that’s practically made for climbing. The unique geology of this region is a climber’s dream come true offering breathtaking beauty of natural rugged landscapes when seen from the highest elevations, surrounded by beautiful, clean lakes. This area can most definitely stand up next to some of the most well-known vistas in Canada and is starting to become known as a world-class rock and ice climbing area. There are a large number of cliffs that are suitable and accessible for all ages and skills levels. You can head to a popular crag climb alongside of families and veterans alike, or you can head to a more secluded cliff and enjoy a day of climbing with nothing but the sights and sounds of nature.

Orient Bay

A popular destination for climbers is Orient Bay.  Orient Bay ice climbing is regarded by many as the one of the top ice climbing destinations in North America. All of the climbs in Orient Bay form naturally. The beauty of the valley is stunning and the grades of the climbs are varied enough to suit both the beginning lead climber to the expert. 

Read Exploring the Edge post on ice climbing at Orient Bay.

Dorion Tower

Located in Canyon Country, Climbers have enjoyed ascending up this thin pinnacle for well over 30 years.

From the top of Dorion Tower, which stands over 20m high, near Ouiment Canyon, you can see Black Bay on Lake Superior, stretches of boreal forest and other rock formations that were created nearly 10,000 years ago. Of course, to stand on top of it means you have to climb The Canine first.

The top block offers a one-metre by one-metre flat area where you can sit and stand.


A collection of some of the best single pitch climbing in the region. Mostly hard sort route with a wide variety of trad and mixed lines.


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