Pursuant to the provisions of By-Law No. 1331 of the Township of Nipigon and with the unanimous consent of Council Members, I do hereby proclaim that effective immediately and until further notice, the use of water from the municipal waterworks system for the purpose of sprinkling or watering any lawn, boulevard, yard or garden, or any pavement, sidewalks or roadway, is prohibited on odd days of the month for even street numbered houses and on even days of the month for odd street numbered houses, of which all persons are hereby requested to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly.

The enforcement of the regulations has been found necessary due to the high consumption of water, which is making it difficult to maintain a safe supply in the reservoirs.

These requirements and proclamations shall remain in effect for a period up to five years or until replaced with another proclamation.

It is hoped that this regulation will not have to be enforced and the co-operation of all concerned is respectfully requested.

Greg Harper, Reeve
June 7, 2005