New Waste Treatment System


New Waste Treatment for Nipigon

Nipigon is in the process of upgrading our secondary treatment of sewage waste to reduce our environmental impact and improve our municipal services. We are located on the shore of the Nipigon River, which is the largest feeder of fresh water to Lake Superior. Better sewage treatment will help keep the fresh water in the Great Lakes clean, and benefit many communities in Canada and the United States.

The upgrades include adding 3 Rotating Binary Containers and two secondary clarifiers to the current sewage treatment system. There will also be a disc filter followed by UV treatment.

This 6.9 million dollar infrastructure project was funded by the Build Canada Fund, and the project is supported by the International Joint Commission. It is expected to be completed in 2011.

For more information contact:

Geoff Aitken

Public Works Superintendant

(807) 887-3135 x28