On behalf of myself and Council, welcome, and we invite you to enjoy the natural beauty of Nipigon – where your adventure, memories and family moments all have a natural edge.

Located on the Trans Canada Highway on the Northern Shore of Lake Superior and in the heart of the Canadian Shield, Nipigon is easily accessible. Only 110 km. east of Thunder Bay and the gateway to the west. East of Nipigon you will find that the Trans Canada Highway branches with Highway 11 which follows the North route toward Lake Nipigon and Northeastern Ontario. Highway 17 continues along the beautiful shore of Lake Superior. One must cross the mighty Nipigon River to traverse Canada whether travelling east, west, or north.

Our history dates back to the 1600’s and we are situated in one of the best recreational and scenic areas in Northern Ontario.

We have many spectacular places to visit in this area. Explore our website to find out more about this beautiful part of Canada.


Richard Harvey
Mayor of Nipigon