Recycling Information

Recycling Depot

RE-OPENING Saturday, June 27th!

Drop-off hours:  Saturdays 10 am -1pm

Location: First St. (past the car wash, towards the train tracks)

Items accepted:

-**NEW** #1 and #2 plastic clamshells

-Cardboard, fiber (paper, cereal boxes, egg cartons, etc)

-aluminum cans (in support of Nipigon Rotary Club)

-liquor/beer bottles/cans (in support of Elks Hockey)

-#1 and #2 plastics with necks (remove caps),

-metal cans

PLEASE pack cardboard and paper in a large cardboard box (preferably), or a blue/clear plastic bag.

#1 and #2 plastics with NECKS only (no yogurt containers, coffee containers, etc.), remove caps from bottles.  #1 and #2 clamshells, please rinse clean.

Metal cans must be rinsed clean, and the labels removed.  ONLY metal in the bin please.

Municipal Office

The used battery drop-off box is in the lobby near the entrance to the office.

Landfill Site

E-waste (computers, phones, etc.) and tires can be dropped off during regular landfill hours.

A Message from the Nipigon Eco-Team

We would like to extend a special thank you to Ontario Power Generation for generously supporting our plastics program.

Do your part to reduce plastic/glass waste in our town by using refillable water bottles, or choosing items with less packaging.

Nipigon’s mini water bar is available for use at local events.  The water bar is meant for outdoor use, and must be hooked up to a potable water source.

Let’s all do our part to keep Nipigon beautiful.  If you have any suggestions on other green initiatives for our town, don’t hesitate to contact us.