Tim Hortons – Nipigon

Departments and Employees:

Here’s a Timbit of information! …Tim Horton’s Nipigon employes over 50 workers, 1/3 of which hold full time positions.

Description of Pricing and Services:

Tim Horton’s provides dine in, take out, and drive through services with Catering options available upon request.

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Thom and Debbie’s Story…

Thom and Debbie are originally from the Hamilton/Dundas area, with Thom growing up in Hamilton and Debbie in Toronto.  Thom worked as a Police Dispatcher with Peel Regional Police for 22 years, and Debbie was Supervisor of Franchising at the Tim Hortons’ corporate office for 26 years. The stress of everyday life in southern Ontario was taking its toll, and Debbie pursued an opportunity to open a Tim Hortons in a northern community.  She talked it over with Thom and after some thought and consideration, they both agreed to take a leap of faith and venture into this new unknown together. It was a big step as they hold family high on their list of values. Saying good-bye to their eight children, 5 grandchildren (6 shortly) only to see them when visiting, as well as relocating their aging mothers-in-law to Nipigon was a considerable sacrifice, but in the end proved to be well worth it.

On November 15, 2010, Tim Hortons Nipigon opened its doors to residents and travellers for the first time. Since then business has grown as word has spread that Tim Hortons was in town. The community’s welcome was amazing and “it’s nice how sincere and down to earth people are here”, stated Thom.

Debbie and Thom both love the North, but at times they really miss their family.  They stated that living in Dorion, all the communities (Dorion, Hurkett, Red Rock, Nipigon) have opened themselves up to them, and taken them in as a part of their own family. Debbie loves the rural life, but Thom misses the city life a bit, as it’s comforting to have amenities at your fingertips, but also says that they have not really been able to partake in the outdoors as much as they would like to (a “must do” in order to fully appreciate life in Nipigon!).

If you’ve made Timmy’s a part of your daily ritual you will most certainly will find Debbie or Thom at the store …either in the back or the storefront. Both Debbie and Thom put long hours into the business as they feel that it is important to be working owners of the business in order to be successful, as well as to show their ongoing dedication to their team members, to their guests, and to the business, and as such they put in many long hours.  “We’ve been told we’re not as hard on our employees as we should be”, Debbie chuckles, “but our employees are our greatest asset and we value them greatly”. Values of honesty, respect and understanding through dedication and communication ring true to their now over 50 employee team, one third of which are full time. “Sometimes life happens, and we want our team members to know that when it does, we’ll work with them.”

Our aspirations are to one day grow and expand our restaurant into a larger location, as space has always been limited to us since day one. We would also love to see all our hard work passed on to our family, giving us the comfort in knowing that all our efforts have gone towards supporting their future. The Township of Nipigon recognizes Thom and Debbie’s contributions and welcomes them into our close-knit family. If you ever get a chance, stop by to say “Hi”!

Thom and Debbie speaking on Community Contributions…

Giving back to the community that supports them is extremely important to Debbie and Thom.  However, the perception that all Tim Hortons store owners are millionaires is just not true.  Small business of any sort is difficult and an ongoing uphill battle, and they are constantly approached for donations.  “Unfortunately, we just do not have the funds to help everyone”, stated Thom, “but we try to be fair and equitable”. We have contributed to charitable community driven non-profits in the past, but even then have to turn some away.

We do have a soft spot for children though, that also runs into our corporate responsibility as Tim Hortons owners. Every year we are given the honour of sending two children to summer camp to enjoy all the benefits that camp has to offer.  These children are from economically challenged homes in our area.  However, for the past three years, we have had difficulty in finding eligible recipients in our local area to camp, and have had to extended further outwards.  The biggest problem we face is finding organizations that know of eligible children.  In the past, we have had issues with schools and organizations that either don’t have the time, or feel there are privacy issues at stake. If there are any children’s organizations that can help us out, please contact Debbie to help make a difference in two lucky children’s lives each year.

For quite some time now we have been sponsoring local TimBit hockey teams, and have hopes to also enable those interested in starting up children’s soccer, basketball, or baseball in Nipigon. If you have an organization that benefits children, we would like to know how we could help. It’s not a guarantee, but if we can help, we will.

Tim Horton’s Story…

Tim Horton was born in Cochrane, Ontario on January 12, 1930. He was signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1949 and performed as one of the steadiest defense men on the blue-line throughout his 22 years in the National Hockey League.

Outside the rink, Tim was just as sharp. He realized that his hockey career would not last forever and sought to find a clever way to add to his hockey salary. After many summers of hustling to make an off-season living, Tim decided to try his luck in the coffee and donut business. The first Tim Hortons franchise opened in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. In 1967, with three restaurants in operation, Tim became full partners with former police officer and franchisee of Tim Hortons Restaurant #1, Ron Joyce. Since then, Tim’s signature has become a prominent fixture in the Canadian landscape.  Sadly, Tim did not live to witness the chain’s great success. He was traveling back to Buffalo from a game at Maple Leaf Gardens when he was killed in an automobile accident on February 21, 1974. The Buffalo Sabres retired his Number 2 sweater as a tribute to his memory. At the time of Tim’s death, there were 40 Tim Hortons restaurants.  There are now over 4,000 Tim Hortons, with locations in the U.S., Ireland and the United Arab Emirates!

The Coffee Scoop:
Thom likes his coffee often and black, and Debbie is a fan of iced coffee.

Tim Hortons – Nipigon

Tim Hortons – Nipigon
Debbie Bansley or Thom Kennedy Franchise, Owner/Operators t: 807.887.5595 bansleyd@bell.net http://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/index.html Hours of Operation:
Open 24 hours / 7 days a week