St Mary’s Anglican Church

Departments and Employees:
Rector’s Warden: Kathy Marceau
Deputy Rector’s Warden: Linda Enders
People’s Warden: Shirlene Mowat
Deputy People’s Warden: Kathleen Aitken
Sunday School Coordinator: Tammy Sacchetti
Treasurer: Joy Evans

History of St Mary’s Anglican Church:
St. Mary the Virgin, Church of England was constructed in 1888. The local people contributed about $250 and help was even received from tourists and visitor to the area. It took only two years for the debt to be paid off, although the painting was not completed. St. Mary’s even had a bell and an organ. It was consecrated in January; although the Bishop was not able to visit until June of 1890.

The Parish of Nipigon as it was known then still services approximately the same area of land as when the resident missionaries arrived in 1872. Three churches were established St. Matthew’s in Dorion which now serves that community as a cherished museum; St. Peter’s Red Rock was purchased for $1 by the United Church. It is a testament to the faithfulness of the residents of Red Rock and Dorion that they are now valued members of St. Mary’s. The heart of both St. Matthews and St. Peter’s churches are very much present at St. Mary’s.

The bell tower at St. Mary’s old church was struck by lightning and has now been mounted on a pedestal outside the church, although it is not used regularly it is a piece of our history that speaks to the faithful Anglican witness to this community for over 123 years.

St Mary’s Anglican Church

St Mary’s Anglican Church
Rev. Diane Hilpert-McIlroy t: 807.887. 3693 c: 807.887.3988 Hours of Operation:
Sunday Services/Sunday School - 11:00am