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Imagine a place where wind and waves caress the shores of tranquil sheltered bays and endless rugged coastlines. A place where a myriad of shipwrecks lay strewn on the lake floor silently given testimony to the power of the lake. Storms of Lake Superior are legendary and unforgiving as the Anishinabek people have known for thousands of years as they refer to this place as Gitchi Gumme or “The Big Lake”. Lose and find yourself in the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, a site so vast that once established it will be largest freshwater protected area in the world.

North part of Lake Superior, extending from Bottle Point near Terrace Bay (Northwestern Ontario) in the east to Thunder Cape at the tip of Sibley Peninsula in the west, and from the shoreline in the north to the Canada-United States boarder in the south.

Established: Still proposed at this time.

Size: Over 10,000 KM2

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Parks Canada – LSNMCA

Parks Canada – LSNMCA
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