Ontario Works

Description of Services:

Client Services – Ontario Works, Childcare Fee Subsidy

Other services Include:


Short-term financial assistance is issued for basic needs, shelter, and emergency assistance.  Financial assistance is available to families and individuals in need who meet eligibility requirements in Ontario.

The cost of most prescription medication is provided for all members in the Ontario Works benefit unit.  In addition, back to school and winter clothing allowances, basic dental care, and eye care benefits are available for dependent children of Ontario Works recipients.  A variety of discretionary benefits may be available to adult recipients based on need (e.g., emergency dental, dentures, prescription glasses, etc.).


Employment assistance is available to assist Ontario Works recipients in securing employment and becoming self sufficient.

Community Placement Program

This program matches a participant’s skills and employment goals with a community agency or organization.  Participants placed in agencies are able to gain valuable work experience through “on-the-job training”.  Financial support is available for transportation, child care, placement-related training and special clothing or equipment.

TBDSSAB has partnered with approximately 80 non-profit and public organizations through formal community placement agreements.  On average, appoximately 1,500 participants take part in the Community Placement Program annually, the majority of participants self-initiate their placements, finding their own volunteer work with non-profit, public, or charitable organizations.  Ontario Works has also designed community placements for participants with multiple employment barriers.

Enhanced Employment Placement Program

The Enhanced Employment Placement Program assists job-ready participants into paid employment by off setting employer hiring and training costs with a wage/training subsidy.  Participants are provided with training and financial assistance as they seek out employment opportunities.  Financial support is available for transportation, child care, and other employment expenses to assist in the job search process and maintain employment secured through this program.  TBDSSAB has entered into a formal employment placement agreement with a community agency that assists participants to find jobs with employers in the community.  There is an average of 36 participants in this program each month.

Ontario Works Addiction Services Initiative (ASI)

Ontario Works offers addiction services for participants who are concerned that their substance use may be preventing them from finding and keeping a job, or from participating in employment activities.

Referrals to the Addiction Services Initiative can be made by contacting your caseworker.

Addiction Services Initiative (ASI) has a lot of offer.  The program can help develop a plan that fits with your needs and those of your family.  Addiction Counsellors can also provide the support that you may need to be successful in dealing with your substance use.

Ontario Works

Ontario Works
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