Dilico Ojibway Child & Family Services

Description of Services:

Dilico Anishinabek Family Care provides a range of responsive individual, family and community programs and services for the complete life journey of all Anishinabek people.

Our vision is balance and well-being for Anishinabek children, families and communities.

Dilico embraces a holistic approach in the delivery of Health, Mental Health, Addictions and Child Welfare Services to complement the strengths, values and traditions of Anishinabek children, families and communities.

Core Values:

– Client centred services based upon teamwork.
– Quality service delivery that is ethical, caring, compassionate, and sensitive.
– Partnerships that advance the well-being of the Anishinabek.
– Role models who demonstrate positive leadership.
– An environment that creates positive morale.
– Effective and accountable management.
– Long-range strategic planning.

History of Organization:

In 1979, Indian Bands within northern Ontario expressed concerns regarding the high number of Native children in the care of Children’s Aid Societies. In December 1981, Chiefs of Ontario Resolution endorsed: “That the child welfare agencies of Ontario and Manitoba shall not remove our children from our reserves and shall return to their Bands those of our children whom they have removed in the past; and that we the Indian Nations in Ontario shall create our own Indian Child Welfare laws, policies and programs, based on the protection of the family and the preservation of their Indian culture within the Indian family.”

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Dilico Ojibway Child & Family Services

Dilico Ojibway Child & Family Services
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