Kama Cliffs Trail

June 29

WHERE DO I GO FIRST??!!  With so many beautiful trails and sites around it was hard to choose where I should explore first.  I figured I would go somewhere I was familiar with, but was still a new adventure.  I have been lucky enough to grow up with a family camp located at Kama Point, so I am very familiar with the surrounding area, which was PERFECT because there is a hike with an amazing view so close to camp. Recently, the Singletrack Trails Society Association has been working on a new Kama Cliffs Trail that I haven’t been on yet, so it was a first-time experience.

Now I haven’t done this hike in about 10 years so I didn’t really remember where to go, but once we crossed the highway towards the trail head it was not an issue. (I suggest parking on the Kama Bay road across the highway).  The trail head is marked with a big sign so you know exactly where to go.  The beginning of the trail is a nice easy walking trail with a slight incline, leading to a cute little creek.

Take a rest, drink some water.  YOU WILL NEED IT…the next part of the trail was the workout.  UP, UP, UP.  Just imagine climbing a hill that you think will never end, but once it does you think “okay that wasn’t that bad”, those were our thoughts, but the climb is definitely worth the view.    We then followed the trail for about 10 more minutes, before arriving at the top.

Water, as far as you can see. An amazing view of Lake Superior, the WORLD’S largest freshwater lake.


We then spend the next 45 minutes just taking in the view (with a little photoshoot and snapchats of course), then started to head back down.  From having camped at Kama, I knew about a little waterfall located to the right of the trailhead.  It was a hot day, so it was perfect to cool off in, plus its also BEAUTIFUL.  The water was the perfect temperature (coming from someone who grew up swimming in Lake Superior).

Like I mentioned in my first post, I am not a professional. That being said, there are a few things I need to remember for next time:

  • Share: Tell people what trail head you’re starting at and what time you’ll return. Safety first!
  • Bring water: that incline is a killer on a hot day, it is important to stay hydrated
  • Bug spray: Living in Northwestern Ontario it is no shock to anyone that there are bugs, we seemed to forget about this and are now covered in bug bites.
  • Shoes: there is a creek you need to cross, and a few muddy patches, so wear shoes you don’t mind potentially getting wet or dirty.
  • Animals: This is the animals’ home, so the odds of seeing some sort of animal is likely (we saw a snake), don’t disrupt them.

I will definitely be doing this hike again in the near future, and maybe take the longer route this time to the other lookouts.

Until next time, exploring the edge,  JZ