Jonna & Jake’s Marina Adventure

May 01


ITS FINALLY SPRING! Spring marks the end of winter and the transitional period to our summer (which in the past usually lasts a week). In many places, the season brings milder temperatures, so the onset means you can finally ditch the heavy winter layers and still be comfortable. Spring also acts as the end of the hibernation period for those people who don’t like to leave their house during the winter. Its no surprise that spring here in Northwestern Ontario is a little different than most places, we don’t have the flowers blooming, birds chirping, and warm weather that’s painted in the typical spring picture right away.  It takes some time, but eventually, the ice starts to melt, the snow disappears, leaves bud – and day by day that picture starts to become a reality once again.

With this beautiful warm weather we have been having recently, I had to get out for an adventure.  Jake and I took this as the perfect opportunity to head out for a walk, which lead us down to the Nipigon Marina – a place I have been countless times. Regardless of the season, the marina is a sight to behold.  We walked the loop a few times, spent some time playing with the remainder of the snow and explored for an hour or so.

Previously, my adventures to the marina were always so textbook. I’ve been here millions of times, so I’ve seen it all, right? Or so I thought.  How often do you actually take a moment and truly appreciate the beauty of something so familiar?  The way the ice is melting into the river, the sun shining onto the existing snow, the amazing view of the new Nipigon River Bridge, I could honestly sit there for hours and be completely content.

As I made my way towards the far edge of the marina, I bumped into someone I didn’t recognize.  I asked him where he was from and it turns out, he’s one of the owners of PhoenixEdge North, the tourism development company working with the Township to enhance and manage the marina. I knew they had rebranded the waterfront as the Natural Edge EcoPark Campground and Marina, and that the grand opening would be May 18th.  But other than that I didn’t know too much about it.   I was curious – what exactly is an “EcoPark”, and what will the improvements be at the marina?

“The EcoPark is designed to get people in touch with nature through camping while having a minimum impact on the landscape,” Cory explained.  “It’s exciting because this will be North America’s very 1st Official Tentsile Experience.”  So I looked it up on my phone, and Tentsile makes really cool tree tents.   Tree tents at our marina?  Cool.

Cory and his business partner James firmly believe in the potential of our marina, and that small changes to operations will build a much more sustainable operation that is not a burden to tax payers.

“Our goal at the end of five years is for this marina and campground to be a strong, fully sustainable tourism asset,” says Cory.

I for one can’t wait to see what they have in store.  It’s going to be such an exciting season at the Natural Edge EcoPark Campground and Marina.   Head down May long weekend to check it out.   Take a look at their website for information, or to book a site or adventure package.

Until next time, exploring the edge

  • Jonna Z