My Island Adventures on Lake Superior

October 03

Lake Superior.    I can honestly say this is one my favorite places in the entire world.  I have been venturing out on Gitchi Gumi since I was a little kid.

My big lake adventure started on Friday afternoon at the Nipigon marina.  Let’s just say, it can be an interesting site.  My dad and Uncle Chris had their boats docked and ready to go.  Just as we were loading up, the water started to rise.    This is something I’ve never witnessed.  The water rose up approximately 6 inches in two minutes, then went back down 5 minutes later.  Being an extremely curious person, I googled this to figure out what happened before my very eyes.

It was something called a siege.  Sieges are typically caused when strong winds and rapids change and push water from one end of a body of water to the other. When the wind stops, the water rebounds to the other side of the enclosed area, sort of like a bathtub. This happened twice while we were getting ready to leave. Have no fear, the siege did not hold us back.  We climbed aboard and were off to Owl Island.

There are so many amazing places to explore, the first one being the CRP slip.  Located on the south side of St. Ignace island, this is a beautiful, secluded cove visited by many sailors/boaters. It is one of the safest docking sites on Lake Superior where many boats go to get out of bad weather. The land is owned by the Dougal family from Thunder Bay, but they have granted the public access.  Those who frequent the cove help maintain the camp and sauna.  There are 4 large docks for people to tie up their boats, a guest camp, sauna, fire pit, outhouses, and lots of tenting space.  There is a vigorous hike up St. Ignace Island overlooking Superior.  I highly recommend taking the trip out to CRP slip for a few nights, you won’t be disappointed.

Another hidden gem out on the “Big Lake” is Duncan Cove, located just south of St. Ignace island. Owned by the Crown, Duncan cove is commonly known as a “safe haven” for those wanting to avoid the harsh weather that Superior can whip up.  There is one area of the cove that has a hole in the rock, perfect for pictures for those who can handle the cold Lake Superior water.

Cariboo Cove is another great place.  Also Crown land, it’s a safe harbor for all boaters.  Located in Nipigon Bay, it has a little hunting camp, and sauna for all to use.  The frontage hosts a lovely beach, perfect for a swim on a warm summer day.

As you examine the cliffs on the eastern shore across from Red Rock, you will discover a series of Indigenous paintings, or pictographs.   It is estimated that they are between 400 and 2000 years old.  The origin and meaning of the symbols remains a mystery. Nonetheless, they are very interesting and I suggest going to take a look.

I had an amazing weekend at camp, and exploring Lake Superior, thanks for coming along.

Until next time, exploring the edge – JZ